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After my second pregnancy I struggled with obesity (135 kg, 300lbs.) and I could not seem to lose any weight. That is why I started my degree weight consultant in 2011. I know like none other what it feels like to be addicted to sugar and to feel like a stranger in my own skin. I was ashamed of my appearance, which badly hurt my self-confidence.

After delivering my second child I was at my heaviest ever. While I tried to lose weight, it just felt impossible. I started my studies to gain more insight into what nutrition could mean for me. It was certainly not easy to turn away from bad habits and to open myself up to different, healthier foods. I often caught myself in the evening scavenging for something sweet - then that "monster" would come out again and trigger me to binge snack. I fought it without knowing where it came from in the first place. During my years of studies, I began to understand these physiological habits, and how to prevent them.

When I started TPsanté, I though to myself: "there are so many overweight people - I will help them all!"

I had simply never realised how big that step is for people who suffer from health issues due to their weight, to actually seek professional help. During intake sessions in my practice, my clients tell me they can't see the forest for the trees - they don't know what path they should take to actually get help. Asking for help can also be challenging, as we like to hide behind that bit of pride we all share. In first consultation I often hear: "I thought I could do this alone, but it turns out I am missing that bit of knowledge and I keep falling back to my old habits"; or "I have tried so many things but nobody can help me, I want someone to help me along and looks and what is really causing my symptoms, and takes me seriously."

Now, after 13 years, I can tell that people find my practice sooner, thanks to the many ambassadors in the area spreading word of their positive experiences with my approach. They promote from their hearts. They have experienced that they could solve the puzzle to a healthier life using the pieces that I handed them.

First things first: finding the cause

At TPsanté I endeavour to find the source of your symptoms using Bioresonance, Electro-Acupuncture,Thermographics, Kinesioligy, joining a Retreat and the  EMB Blood TestRelying on the results of the aforementioned methods we will craft a unique plan personalised to you. Some of the greatest compliments I've had the honour of receiving: "Thea is so person-oriented; she takes notes during the consultation by hand and is not hiding behind a computer" and "it is so inspiring that Thea knows what she's talking about, because she has experienced it herself."

 YOU are worth receiving personalised and proper counceling!

Expert through Experience

The path that I walked was long, and while I still learn new things every day, I have managed to get my own health under control. More that ever did I learn to first determine the source of a problem, before thinking in solutions. This is why I started my own company - to help others and guide them towards a sustainable, healthy life.

Finally I have the courage to say: "I was not weak, I was not dependent, I was not out of control; I WAS IGNORANT!" Knowledge is power, and knowledge is what I will gladly share with you. Knowledge is the central pillar that allows me to put you, as a human being, at the heart of your health plan, so we can work together and find the source of your symptoms.

Many roads lead to Rome, and together we will find the road for you!

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I am Thea Peeters

I was born in 1966 in Heerlen, Limburg. In 1992 I met my now-husband John at the Pinkpop festival. Together we have two children and two dogs. My hobbies include: Zumba, cooking, knitting, visiting festivals and concerts, reading, exercise, hiking - and that especially in the Austrian Alps.

Before we had our kids, John and I lived a while in the former DDR. Here I worked as manager for a big hotel in Meiningen. We also spent some time living in Northern France, near Arras, where I developed my appreciation of French cuisine.

When we returned to Beesel I started a catering company; one that radiated other, healthier norms and values than what most people were used to. This original concept awarded me a nomination for the Limburgish Innovation Award. Just as my culinary creations were tapping into a much broaded audience, John's knowledge of mushroom farming was needed in England. As such, we moved to the south of the island. Through my knowledge of the European kitchen, and my mastery of various modern languages, it was not hard to find employment in a hotel. After our England-adventure we returned, once more, to beautiful Beesel. When I trod back into calmer waters, I had time to think about how best to put my learned experience to use.

Did you know?

  • I like to coach in Limburgish, though I also coach in Dutch, German, and English;
  • In 2012, while wearing the first pants I had just dared to buy online, I fell down the stairs and broke my ankle? In the hospital, they had to cut the pants off of me;
  • I have been a vegetarian since 1985 but never really lost weight? How was I supposed to know that cheese has so much fat...;
  • That my colleagues call me the Walking Wikipedia?;
  • That there is a solution for everything, as long as you look broadly enough.

Free E-Book 

To start your knowledge-journey, I am offering this E-book for free. To receive a copy, please leave your email address below. The book contains simple steps you can start taking by yourself. A good start is half the battle, so why make things hard for yourself? I will gladly help you on your way.

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What I enjoy doing most is finding the source of your symptoms to subsequently write you a personalised plan to help you solve your own puzzle.

To achieve this, I have made it my mission to not stop learning since 2011. Since then, I have earned the stress counceling and mental- coachingdiplomas, where I learned the importance of really listening to my clients.

In June 2013 I succesfully finshed the 3-year HBO degree to become a Vitality Coach. After this I earned the specialisations Child and Nutrition, Nutrition and Menopause, Diabetes Type II - Reversible ,Nutrition for the Elderly, Metabolic Syndrome and Pharmacology.

As I started menopause and learned I had Pfeiffer syndrome I enrolled in the study for Orthomolecular Medicine , upon graduating which I became a certified Naturopath.Since 2018, I have the credentials to take the EMB Blood Test with my patients. Using this test, I managed to identify and counteract the symptoms of my Pfeiffer syndrome, so that I now have no more noteworthy symptoms.


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I will gladly welcome you to my home practice

TPsanté in Beesel

By welcoming you into my home practice in Beesel, Limburg, I hope to provide you with a homely and soothing environment to catalyse your health journey .

Losing weight through adopting a healthier lifestyle is a process. Look at it like a house that needs maintenance - it always keeps you busy. Be kind to yourself and allow yourself a healthy body. There is no second chance.

Due to my time in France, I translated the term 'health' to Santé!

I am excited to meet you, so we may clink our glasses with a resounding "Santé"!


Naturopathic Therapist

Using knowledge of medicine and food science I was able to greatly enrich myself. Degrees such as Pharmacology and Diabetes Type II - Reversible opened my eyes even further. I have become very curious, so that now I no longer grown in weight, but in knowledge. My profession offers me plenty of ways to keep learning, and the wonderful results my clients achieve give me the energy to keep going!

I officially became a naturopathic therapist on June 1st 2019. I will proudly tell you that my practice is credited at the BATC (Belangen Associatie Therapeut en Consumentunder number BR-02945. My services are classified as "alternative medicine." You can learn more about funding through health insurance companies in the reimbursement list. If you have any doubts, you can reach out to your health insurance provider. Ask them whether the services/consultation of TPsanté, Thea Peeters, with registration number 02945 at the BATC, are reimbursed by them.

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