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Diabetes type II - reversible

Diabetes type II is one of the most common chronic illnesses in the Netherlands. A total of 1.3 million people currently suffer from diabetes.
And every week this number increases by 1.200 people!

Diabetes type II is characterised by insuline resistance. This means that the body no longer reacts properly to insulin: it has become desensetised to it. Many people do not even realise they have diabetes, as the symptoms can manifest differently per person. Many signs appear like common things everyone has once in a while, like fatigue. The most commob type of diabetes is type II, which is appearing among increasingly younger people. For a while, it seemed to be an uncurable progressing disease: the decay of the beta cell functioning was considered inevitable. Not a single drug could turn the tide.
Diabetes type 2

However, recent scientific research has shown that diabetes type II is reversible - the disease is not incurable, like we always thought!
During stomach operations it became evident that patients with diabetes and obesity could re-normalise their blood sugar levels by adjusting their eating habits through a diet. A welcome side effect of these surgeries! By applying proper intervention in nutrition, lifestyle, and coaching, it is possible to recover from diabeter type II, after which patients need fewer or even no medication.

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