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Weight loss, weight gain, digestive issues, eczema, fatigue, hormonal imbalance, allergies, food intolerance, stress - all of these are common problems that repeatedly prove hard to best. At first, you might think: "I can handle this by myself." But eventually, you will be wanting help; someone with experience who can guide you to become fittest, healthiest, best self using a personalised and attainable plan - a plan tailored to you!

As Vitality Coach and certified Naturopathic Therapist I have already had the honour of coaching many people and helping them attain their health goals.
During my second pregnancy I weighed 135kg (300 lbs). I wanted to lose weight afterwards, but this was much harded than I had thought. Inspired by my own health goals, I set out to learn all there is to know about the roles of nutrition, physical activity, and relaxation in a healthy and energetic life. Since 2011 I have finished I have completed many studies which taught me what it really means to be healthy. Health, vitality, and an energetic life are foundational pillars to everyone's sense of self.
It is precisely those symptoms that you are experiencing that force you to face life with reduced strenght.
Because I searched for the source of my symptoms, I am leading a healthier and more energetic life, and I wish the same for you!
Do you also want to:
  * feel more fit?
  * lose or gain weight?
  * reach proper blood lab values?
  * lead a healthier life?
  * not just survive, but thrive in menopause?
  * know what nutrition suits you best?

I will gladly help you attain a healthy and energetic future in which you feel comfortable in your own skin.

- Vitality Coach and Naturopathic Therapist Thea Peeters 

EMB Blood Test

Bio Resonance Therapy

Orthomolecular Nutrition Pattern

Transformation in 3 months

"Started in May 2021. Together we wrote a good programme to take on obesity at the root, and look at these results! Already lost 14kg, more energy and much more insight into old habits. Thea helped me exchange my harmful patterns for healthy ones!"

Be more comfortable in your skin

These pictures of a man with a carnaval hat show Robbie, a truck driver who wanted to create a healthier and more energetic life even during work shifts. Great success, he lost more than 25kg in less than two years. At first we charted his work hours and energy needs, then his habits. Robbie found it all too easy to have his meals in roadside restaurants or gas stations. He is single, which makes it even easier to fall back on fastfood on the road. After such meals, he would routinely have an 'after-dinner dip' - a sugar crash that would require even more sugar to escape! Of course Robbie knew that these habits did not serve him well, but he felt lost and overwhelmed when it came to changing things. Night shifts and irregular work hours meant he did not feel in control of his own life, and robbed him of the courage needed to make a change. But together, Robbie and I took steps to forge a new lifestyle that better fits his schedule, and that better fits him.

Intensive personal trajectory with astounding results

A personal approach: a combination of getting more active, changing up nutrition, and learning to manage stress lead to losing 17kg after one year of my intensive coaching. And not only did she lose weight; she felt much more comfortable and confident in her own skin! She still frequently tells me about the Facebook messages she receuves commenting on her beautiful daily hikes, and she even cinsidered becoming a hiking guide - I told her to go for it!! Aside from hiking, she also works with a personal trainer who helps her to properly lift weights. She experienced like no other that staying active and building muscle is a must for burning away fat. Her body now does what it's supposed to; no more slacking but finally to work! Because did you know: if your body does not cooperate (your metabolism is low), you can try as you may but you will only gain weight. Let this be a clear example of increasing your metabolism through proper nutrition, sports, and relaxation. You can find out whether YOUR body likes getting to work (and has a proper metabolism) using the EMB Blood Test

My success story:
 Losing weight during menopause

Sound familiar? At 45 years old, fat deposits mostly around your stomach and even when you lose weight that belly stubbornly stays around. You can see the results of my work - curious how I did it?

Vibrant and healthy with the whole family!

By eating enough healthy foods, combined with weight training, Suus attained these results. The hardest part was integrating these workouts and healthy meals into her daily life, to make it a sustainable habit. Even her husband and kids benefit from these positive changes, as the healthy lifestyle rubs off on them!

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Loving Regards, Thea Peeters

]energiek door het leven met Thea Peeters

Thea and John Peeters during a wonderful hike