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Stress counceling

In June 2012, Thea Peeters graduated from the Sonnevelt Academy with a degree in stress counceling.
Relaxation is one of those things that most people don't assosciate with weight loss, and yet it is a crucial part of a healthy lifestyle. 

In this day and age, much is asked of you. It proves a real challenge to meet your own expectations on top of those of others. If the balance between feeling challenged and feeling comfortable is disturbed, this can lead to stress. Your body will respond to this with all sorts of symptoms.

These stress-related symptoms can include
headaches; neck-, shoulder-, and back pain; RSI; lying awake at night; struggling to eat regularly; weight gain; but also eczema and IBS-like symptoms. If these symptoms are ignored for too long the risk of disease becomes very high. Stress is increasingly linked as a risk factor for 'modern' illnesses such as cardiac issues, diabetes, and obesity.


Stress counceling teaches you to manage your stress. Even if you have no symptoms and would like to keep it that way.
Due to the high expectations of modern society, stress counceling has become a vital tool for many to live a healthy life.

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