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Orthomolecular patterns of Nutrition


By forming the best possible orthomolecular pattern of nutrition, you will receive high quantities of the right building blocks for your body. Choosing seasonal products and biological high-quality produce can optimise your intake of their micronutrients and macronutrients. This costs time, money, and energy. But can this not be worth it if it means gaining control over your own health?

In my practice I also work as orthomolecular therapist. 'Orthomolecular' means that the right molecules are transported to your cells, so your body really receives the materials it needs to function.

The current western pattern of nutrition

The current western pattern of nutrition often does not provide the nutrients we need. Our nutrition simply does not match our genetic build-up, which leads to exhaustion and sickness. Our macronutrients are similarly out of balance. We eat too many carbohydrates compared to protein and healthy fats. In practise this means we have to introduce foods that are healthy for our cells, while removing the foods that do not serve us from our diets.

Knowledge of Nutrition

Health is more than just the absence of disease. By acquiring more knowledge about nutrition, it becomes possible to improve our health. Furthermore, this knowledge provides the foundations to taking proper care of ourselves. This allows you to take back agency and ownership over your own body.

Constructive nutrition is preventative and curative. We are what we eat. But it is equally important to know whether our bodies absorb these nutrients in the first place. By adapting the pattern of nutrition to the specific situation of a client, I can help create a biological balance. The study of orthomolecular nutrition additionally strives to create balanced acid-base levels, hormonal levels, neurotransmitter levels, intestinal flora, immune system, and blood sugar levels.

Did you know?
  1. A western pattern of nutrition containing lots of processed foods, snacks, processed meats, sugars, refined grains, and fatty dairy products can increase chances of depression by 55%, according to a British study. Of course, we are all vaguely aware in the backs of our heads that such foods are not good for us. Orthomolecular nutrition takes it a step further that simply eliminating processed foods, fried snacks, and sugar. It is a symphony of many elements and combinations of nutrition!
  2. We now know that over 70% of all forms of cancer are related to nutrition?
  3. An orthomolecular pattern of nutrition first creates more energy, but can then also lead to:
  • better sleeping;
  • reduced anxiety;
  • calmer state of mind;
  • clearer thinking;
  • less overthinking;
  • better stress-resistance;
  • higher efficiency;
  • reduced cramping;
  • healthier skin;
  • reduced hair loss;
  • stronger nails;
  • reduced chance of injury;
  • fewer headaches;
  • increased weight loss;
  • stronger sense of self?

The ambition to ward of disease. To properly build and maintain a beautiful body. Adapting an orthomolecular pattern of nutrition can make you more energetic and active, and boost your immune system. It is a difficult thing to remove a virus from the body once it takes root, so do not give it the chance!

I will gladly sit down with you and discuss the possibilities of adopting an orthomolecular pattern of nutrition. Together, we will write a unique plan fit to your needs so that you can reach and maintian your lifestyle goals! Feel free to reach out to me here.