EMB Blood Test

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"Your blood is your life force"

Our blood circulates through our body an amazing 7000 times per day, carrying vital supplies. The wonder liquid distributes oxygen and nutrients while simultaneously collecting waste products throught our vascular system, from organ to organ and cell to cell.

Blood tests in conventional healthcare are used to detect anemia, iron deficiencies, and certain infections, among others.
But there is MUCH more information that we can gather from our blood! An EMB Blood Test is a wholly different, holistic approach to blood research that can detect energetic and nutritional chokeholds in your body.

Are you curious whether you have a deficiency in certain vitamin or minerals? Have you been struggling with vague symptoms, and can you just not figure our where they come from?
Are you sleeping poorly; is your battery empty; do you have gastro-intestinal issues?

In my home practice in Beesel - but also remotely - I offer an Energetic Morphological Blood Test (EMB Blood Test) that can identify various disturbances/problems in the body! Based on this blood test, I can help address your personal health concerns with great accuracy. This way, it will not only be clear where the source of your symptoms lies, but we can also start addressing them in very effective, personalised ways. In short: I can help you better, and you get faster results!

Why the EMB Blood Test?

What gets measures gets done. An EMB Blood Test can give you an encompassing and insightful overview of potential deficiencies, energetic disturbances, and other hurdles at the root of your health. Or maybe you would simply like an all-round health check-up? Here too, the EMB Blood Test works wonders.

Which energetic disturbances in the body could be found with this test?

  • Free radical strain;
  • Liver strain;
  • Intestinal Disturbance; EMB Bloedtest
  • Parasitic- and fungal strain (often THE cause of intestinal symptoms)
  • Adrenal Status (stress, adrenal glands, cortisol);
  • pH balance;
  • B12-status (is B12 really absorbed into your cells?);
  • Vitamin Assessment (such as Vitamin D);
  • Mineral Assessment (think magnesium deficiency or zinc deficiency);
  • Essential Metal Assessment (to screen for deficiencies in i.e. iodine or copper);
  • Toxic strain (too many toxins in your body);
  • Viral strain (too many viruses in your body);
  • Bacterial strain;
  • Geopathic stress (stress due to WiFi or transmission poles);
  • Pancreatic Insufficiency (insulin resistance).

Additionally, other regular values are measured and analysed, such as:

  • Trombocytes (number of platelets in blood);
  • Red blood cells (erytrocytes);
  • White blood cells (leukocytes);
  • Hemoglobin (Hb, iron) and Hematocrit (Ht);
  • Mean Corpuscular Volume (MCV) and Concentration (MCHC).

How does the EMB Blood Test work?

We will do this test simply during your (first) appointment in my practice. With a quick prick in your finger, I will sample some drops of your blood. This happens quickly, and only a few drops of blood are spilled. You hardly feel it! This blood is then sent to the lab, analysed, and two to three weeks later I will receive the test results. Based on these results I will make a completely personalised plan for you! Alternatvely, the EMB Blood Test can also be done remotely.

Curious about the possibilities? Feel very free to reach out to me.

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