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Towards a healthier and more energetic life!

Do you see yourself in one of the following?


You are tired, pithless, and would not move if prodded with a burning stick? In the mornings, your bed is big and you are so small, and even after sleep you are exhausted?

You have battled obesity and weight for years, and the first repercussions - high blood pressure, cholesterol, elevated blood sugar - come to surface?

You have stomach- and intestinal issues that you just can't find the cause of?

You struggle with menopause and want to regain control, but cannot seem to figure it out on your own?

You are afraid to fail, you have tried so many things already, you are ashamed - you cannot count the times you have prioritised other things over your health? For the somanieth time, you find yourself putting your own body in last place?

You thought you could tackle your problems without guidance; you were so sure you could simply eat less and your problems would go away, but you just keep going around in a circle with little actual change?

You are scared that if you come to me, I will tell you that you will have to abstain from everything nice, and you do not want this? (I promise this will not be the case!)

 Nonetheless, you want to be rid of your symptoms, whether they be:

  • Being overweight;
  • Being underweight;
  • Not feeling fit;
  • Not putting yourself first;
  • High stress;
  • Menopausal problems;
  • Stomach issues;
  • Intestinal issues;
  • Eczema;
  • Edeme and lipedema;
  • Rosacea;
  • Unidentified intolerances and allergies;
  • Out-of-balance hormones;
  • High blood sugar;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Deficiencies in vitamins and minerals;
  • Unhealthy blood pressure;
  • And lastly, an unbalanced microbiome!


Health is Happiness in Life

Would it not be beautiful to live your days again with a feeling of confidence and self-esteem? That feeling you can take on the whole world, accept any invitation without a second doubt. You could present yourself as you are, in complete vitality. You could stop spending your days worrying about the repercussions of your health. Would that not be a lot easier?

To Look Beyond just Kilos and Weight

I am Thea Peeters, and as vitality coach, I look hollistically at the cause of your symptoms, so we can tackle them together. We will write a unique plan together and adjust your lifestyle in a comfortable and pleasant manner. You will feel an improvement of your health! Using the EMB Blood Test, we can put on paper the possible causes of your symptoms, so that you can have the clarity needed to effectively make a change.

A Sustainable Lifestyle

Already you have tried various diets, and experienced first-hand that a quick result never lasts. You will find no success copying others' menus and diet plans, selling yourself short, or supporting the Quick-fix industry. 

Ha ha, Quick-fix industry - I am of course referring to the supposed "backdoor" methods like meal shakes and rigorous calorie counting that promise fast weight loss. History teaches us, however, that those who run fast will trip faster. And you do not want a yoyo-effect, as that is exactly what triggers the above symptoms! If your new lifestyle suits you, then you will be able to keep it up. Only then will your new lifestyle rooted in health be sustainable.

The Solution is Not on the Surface

Of course, there are all sorts of hormonal creams and ointments to be purchased that combat symptoms of eczema or allergies. Sadly, these only treat the symptoms on the surface and not at the root. That is what makes my blood research so important.

Support of your Vitality Coach

Naturally there is much you can do by yourself - and I will not be the one who changes your lifestyle! What I can do is help you, motivate you, lend you that guiding hand when things are looking down. I will gladly share all my knowledge with you, which you will need to reach your goals in a healthy, effective manner. Together we will endeavour to find the cause of your symptoms!

Karin explains briefly what the EMB Blood Test brought her; listen to her story (in Dutch)

Monique cleaned out her wardrobe:

She gasped when she found these trousers, "I can fit in them three times now!"

"Unbelievable that I could take such leaps to more confidence, self-esteem, energy - I am much more mobile!" 

Monique's food intake did not serve her body. "I ate all those products that, turns out, were not promoting the burning of fat. Quite the opposite!"

Having a busy life with two kids, Monique was putting herself on the far end of her priority list. "I wasn't thinking about myself, everything and anything else was more important. Now I feel that I have so much more energy, which I radiate right back to my family!" I told Monique once to smile while biking, and people will smile right back. "This always stuck with me. Good cultivates good. I'm worth it!" And the pants? Monique sent those to goodwill, making room for three new pairs!

ik en mijn broek

Tineke is enthousiastic - thank you! - see the offers below for more information

Researching your symptoms with complementary consultation 

 An EMB Blood Test with complementary consultation after about 6 weeks.   
Completely or partially covered by many insurance providers. 

Possible payment in terms.


Researching your symptoms with complementary trajectory

An EMB Blood Test with complementary tarjectory of 7 consultations of 30 minutes each.

 Completely or partially covered by many insurance providers. 

Possible payment in terms.


Researching your symptoms with 1 year of personal assistance

An EMB Blood Test with 12 complementary consultations of 30 minutes each, which we adjust to your needs.

Completely or partially covered by many insurance providers.

Possible payment in terms.



Stamp card for 1 year

Monthly consultations for that extra bit of help. You got far enough to manage alone, but those monthly check-ups help you stay motivated and adapt to new habits.

12 consultations to be divided over 1 year.

Completely or partially covered by many insurance providers.

Possible payment in terms.


emb bloedtest in Venlo-Blerick ook online

EMB Blood Test - Remote

Do you live far away and is it not possible for you to come to my practise, then we can conduct your consultations over whatsapp video, facetime, or zoom.

How does it work?

1. You request a remote blood test via the contact form or by shooting me a message.

2. We have an online intake appointment (1 hour) and you pay the costs via bank transfer or Tikkie. 

3. When I receive your payment, I will send you the remote package so you can draw a small blood sample yourself. I will also send you a detailed instruction video.

4. Following detailed instructions, you send the package to the laboratory.

5. It will take between 5 and 15 working days before I have the lab results. Then, we make an appointment of 1.5 hours in which I explain your results, give my advice, and we craft a personalised plan based on your needs.

6. Armed with our plan, you set out to make a change. After six weeks, we have a 30 minute follow-up consultation. 

Total costs of trajectory: € 395.00

More information about the blood test:

EMB Blood Test

eerste hulp bij stress


Often we are so used to stress that we do not even notice the toll it takes on our daily lives. The EMB Blood Test charts your physical stress symptoms, as well as the appropriate treatments. There is an energetic component, one which looks past just physical wellbeing at how you feel, what satisfies you, and what obstructs you. But also at any blockages in the free flow of your life energy. These insights are mapped to a blueprint of your unique being. We will apply a seven-step coaching trajectory to provide you an overview of the person you truly are, and the steps to take to live more authentically. 

A unique trajectory in the Netherlands where we combine the EMB blood test with coaching based on your blueprint. By combining Human Design and Quantum Physics with the results of your blood test, you will gain insight into how to tackle your physical and mental symptoms. 

For more informarion, click here:



Using medical thermography you can chart pain symptoms, injuries, and certain diseases.

You can choose for a complete body scan, but also for a painless mammography. The golden in-between is the Health Scan, suitable for any gender.

burn-out coach

Chair Massage

A vitality coach looks at 3 pillars: nutrition, exercise, and relaxation.

As relaxation is the glue holding these pillars together, I can see clearly in my practise how important it is to properly cover this!

A chair massage costs €35.00,-


Monique says:

"I was not losing weight, had all sorts of symptoms, and was dead tired when I first stepped into Thea's practise. I didn't even know where to start! If my friends would go for a walk, they'd have to call me a taxi. I would always pick junkfood over something healthy.

Thea came to my home and assessed my situation, and we got started with healthy nutrition, exercise, and relaxation.

When it comes to food, I have been eating a lot more vegetables and fish. More structure and less processed stuff. Foods rich in protein that matched with my new sports.

And for sports, Thea reccomended me a personal trainer, and I joined a group that was training together to run a 10k. My favourite part is that my personal trainer and Thea were running it right beside me! I would have never thought I could do that."

voor en na
samen 35 kg lichter in vet

Suus and Robbie say:


"Together we sought to make a change, and together we lost 35 kg and reaped the rewards!

We can do sports again, feel much better and have energy for a legion!!!

Of course we followed Thea's advice immediately. It was great that we could rely on eachother, too. 

Exercising together, but also partying together! And at those parties we could rely on the other to help keep us in check.

Step by step, we changed our food habits, and we were exercising more frequently every week. The hardest part for us was that relaxatoion. We both have busy jobs, but we're figuring that out too.

In any case we have both committed to keep this up, because this new life suits us so well, and we really don't want to go back to how it was."

Julia says:

"I wasn't losing any weight, felt listless, and had all sorts of little symptoms. Thea wanted to start by finding the root of my issues, so I did a blood test. Then I went on to do thermography en eventually also bioresonance. I wanted to move each and every obstacle aside to move towards that healthier life. I even stopped singing, because I was too ashamed of my body to get on stage! But now, months later, I can say with confidence: there are ups and downs as ever, but I am still working towards a healthier body. I might not be there yet, but I will always remember where I came from, and I never want to return there. I'm proud of myself!"

Astrid says:

"With your help I lost, like, 20 kg! It seemed so impossible to me, because I have MS and so I can't move or exercise easily. But you helped me change my foods and increase my metabolism, and I reached my goal! My foods now make me move on the inside, that works like a charm for me.

Now to keep it up and lose that last bit of weight, thank you so much!

Love, Astrid"



Coaching and consultation by a weight coach is reimbursed by most health insurance providers. An advantage for those with Dutch health insurance is that you do not need to use your own risk (eigen risico) first, as you are directly using your Additional Insurance (assuming you have one). Additionally, reimbursement for weight councellors is often drawn from a different 'jar' than for dieticians. Consultation are also widely covered in 2024. A clear overview can be found on the website of our union.

Since June 1st 2019, Thea Peeters is a licenced naturopathic therapist. She is credited at the BATC under number BR-02945. Her services are considered "alternative medicine." Any information concerning reimbursements by health insurance providers can be found on the reimbursement list. If you have any doubts, you can reach out to your health insurance provider. Ask them whether the services/consultation of TPsanté, Thea Peeters, with registration number 02945 at the BATC, are reimbursed by them.


  • Every insurance provided covers costs until a certain maximum! Once you reach this, you will receive no more reimbursements;
  • In the case of a collective insurance, other terms and reimbursements apply! The union for Weight Councelors is constantly working to be represented by the insurance companies.
    As such, it is possible that your insurance provided is not yet on the list, but do (partially) cover costs.
    If you have any questions, you can consult your polis or reach out to your health insurance provider.

5 natural principles

I work according to the five natural principles of the BATC (sometimes called nature-oriented principles). These five principles ensure that a practitioner approaches and treats their client in a holistic manner. The diagnosis and mode of treatment can only be confirmed when all five principles are covered. These principles assume that energy is the foundation for the functioning of the human body. Without energy, the other four principles cannot function. There is a clear hierarchy in these principles; each cannot function if the previous principle is not working optimally.

1. Energy

Physicists know that everything around us exists of energy. Einstein famously equated energy to matter, and holistic therapists like myself know that there is "raw material" energy in all matter, such as in our bodies. Then there is "fine material" energy, which is present in all that is not visible. Think of gravity and magnets, but also the empty space around us, our chakras, and our aura.

The flows of energy in and around our bodies are essential to their functioning. The energetic system, such as chakras and meridians, cannot operate properly if there is a shortage of energy. The nervous system then receives insufficient information which can deregulate organs and tissues. If there is a blockade in the flows of energy, there can be emotional and physical symptoms. It is therefore my priority to once again create flow and movement in the blocked off energy. Without energy there can be no healing!

2.Transfer of Stimuli

This flow of energy takes center stage in every layer of our bodies. The nervous system is one of these layers, and is also known as the communication network of the body. The brain communicates with the rest of the body by transfering impulses known as stimuli. If this transfer of stimuli operates properly, the signals of our bodies are well-aligned and energy blockades can be regulated. Without proper conduction of these stimuli however, basic functions of the human body can stagnate.

3. Drainage

In the hectic society we live in, our minds and bodies are regularly assailed with toxins, both physically and mentally. As our bodies are polluted like this on a daily basis, they need a lot of energy to removecthese substances. If the drainage of toxins is somehow inhibited, this can influence the communication network of the body, which hampers the healing process. It is therefore important to regularly cleanse oneself of mental and physical ballast.

4. Nutrition

Proper nutrition is needed to supply the body with nutrients essential to optimal functioning. If it receives improper nutrition, the body can become sick. Malnutrition can consist of simply unhealthy foods, but also of (healthy) foods that might once have felt good, but no longer do. We call this the tolerability of material nutrition. Tolerability can affect the functioning of the human body and psyche.

Aside from physical nutrition, we also know of mental nutrition. For example, our surroundings 'feed' us with challenges, hopes, and convictions. Mental nutrition can also be toxic; consider for instance judgements and expectations of others. By becoming conscious of obstructive mental nutrition and approaching this in a different manner, the healing process can occur more quickly.


Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic aspects of a human being are interconnected and affect one another. It is therefore crucial to assess not just a client's physical state, but also their emotions and behavioural patterns. By understanding certain obstruent patterns that can affect the healing process, we can change these patterns of thought and behaviour. The final step is therefore to search for these patterns and to see how they can be broken and let go.

Has your curiosity been tickled? Would you like more information, or to schedule a consultation with me?