Linda van der Giessen

I see my cooperation with Linda as very positive. By bundling our strenghts we can support our clients on even more facets of health.


Linda van der Giessen: "I will happily introduce myself:
I am a naturopath, though I see myself more as a health coach. As coach, I help people who choose to build a healthier lifestyle reach their goals in a natural way. Conventional medicine does not prescribe natural remedies for any symptoms, but their drugs often simply supress these symptoms at the surface. They don't stop to consider the source!

As naturopath, my main goal during treatment is to identify that source. My treatments are aimed at restoring the body's ability to heal itself using resources form the natural world. This includes homeopathy, minerals, and nutritional supplements. I use an EAV-device during treatments, which provides me with insight into a client's physical funtioning. The device uses electro-acupuncture, and to determine the best supplements for a client I employ bioresonance.

Bioresonance Therapy

This is an alternative form of medicine that assumes that every organ has a specific vibration or frequency of on electromagnetic nature. Using an EAV-device these frequencies can be measured. And EAV-device is an instrument that allows diagnostics of the body to find disturbances, often of physical nature.

Using these measurements it becomes clear which organ or body part is out of balance. When the body is out of balance, energy can no longer flow freely. Organs stop functioning properly, which can lead to physical symptoms. Should these symptoms persist, you can become ill. Following a measurement, test samples are used to determine what substances the body needs to restore balance and recover. These samples can consist of homeopathic substances or mineral and nutritional supplements. Bioresonance therapy can succesfully treat various afflictions, ranging from headaches, allergies, eczema, and joint pains, to digestive issues and viral- and bacterial infections.


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