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Nutrition and Menopause

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Many women use medicine and hormones to alleviate menopausalsymptoms.
But did you know that good nutrition can also help?

During my coaching trajectory 'Nutrition and Menopause' we will gradually change your food habits, because:

  1. Some nutrients can reduce menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, excessive sweating, and anxiety. Of course, it is always beneficial to follow a healthy food lifestyle, but it is especially during menopause that nutrition can affect your health;
  2. Soy contains a substance called fyto-estrogen. These plant-based estrogens constitute a healthy supplement to your 'own' feminine hormones, your estrogen. Fyto-estrogens can be found in almost all vegetables, fruits, and grains, but in varying amounts. Soy has been linked with a reduction in menopausal symptoms, as research shows that Japanese women suffer significantly less from menopause than western women, which might just be because they consume a lot more soy;
  3. drinking plenty of water is especially good for your health. It helps you lose weight by giving you a feeling of satisfaction, it drains away toxins from the body, and is used in regulating your body temperature. Drinking water also helps reduce hot flashes during menopause;
  4. Fibers play a vital role in your digestion and in preventing colon cancer. Much like water, fibers also give you that feeling of satisfaction and help in draining toxins from the body. And, it turns out that fibers play a very important role in regulating your estrogen levels during menopause!
    Become interested in adapting your food habiits during menopause?


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