5 natural principles

The five natural principles of the BATC

I work according to the five natural principles of the BATC (sometimes called nature-oriented principles). These five principles ensure that a practitioner approaches and treats their client in a holistic manner. The diagnosis and mode of treatment can only be confirmed when all five principles are covered. These principles assume that energy is the foundation for the functioning of the human body. Without energy, the other four principles cannot function. There is a clear hierarchy in these principles; each cannot function if the previous principle is not working optimally.

  1. Energy

Physicists know that everything around us exists of energy. Einstein famously equated energy to matter, and holistic therapists like myself know that there is "raw material" energy in all matter, such as in our bodies. Then there is "fine material" energy, which is present in all that is not visible. Think of gravity and magnets, but also the empty space around us, our chakras, and our aura.

The flows of energy in and around our bodies are essential to their functioning. The energetic system, such as chakras and meridians, cannot operate properly if there is a shortage of energy. The nervous system then receives insufficient information which can deregulate organs and tissues. If there is a blockade in the flows of energy, there can be emotional and physical symptoms. It is therefore my priority to once again create flow and movement in the blocked off energy. Without energy there can be no healing!

  1. Transfer of Stimuli

This flow of energy takes center stage in every layer of our bodies. The nervous system is one of these layers, and is also known as the communication network of the body. The brain communicates with the rest of the body by transfering impulses known as stimuli. If this transfer of stimuli operates properly, the signals of our bodies are well-aligned and energy blockades can be regulated. Without proper conduction of these stimuli however, basic functions of the human body can stagnate.

  1. Drainage

In the hectic society we live in, our minds and bodies are regularly assailed with toxins, both physically and mentally. As our bodies are polluted like this on a daily basis, they need a lot of energy to removecthese substances. If the drainage of toxins is somehow inhibited, this can influence the communication network of the body, which hampers the healing process. It is therefore important to regularly cleanse oneself of mental and physical ballast.

  1. Nutrition

Proper nutrition is needed to supply the body with nutrients essential to optimal functioning. If it receives improper nutrition, the body can become sick. Malnutrition can consist of simply unhealthy foods, but also of (healthy) foods that might once have felt good, but no longer do. We call this the tolerability of material nutrition. Tolerability can affect the functioning of the human body and psyche.

Aside from physical nutrition, we also know of mental nutrition. For example, our surroundings 'feed' us with challenges, hopes, and convictions. Mental nutrition can also be toxic; consider for instance judgements and expectations of others. By becoming conscious of obstructive mental nutrition and approaching this in a different manner, the healing process can occur more quickly.

  1. Psyche

Physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic aspects of a human being are interconnected and affect one another. It is therefore crucial to assess not just a client's physical state, but also their emotions and behavioural patterns. By understanding certain obstruent patterns that can affect the healing process, we can change these patterns of thought and behaviour. The final step is therefore to search for these patterns and to see how they can be broken and let go.

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