The EMB Remote Blood Test (online)

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“What’s the matter with my body?”

Life has become a slog.

Every day is a challenge, and you feel fully drained by 4 pm. You couldn’t fathom having energy left to work out in the evening, and even socialising in the weekend is often more than you can take. You can barely go to work – running on adrenaline and fumes – but the moment you come home you crash on the couch, exhausted.


You’ve depleted your energy

You’d rather spend your evenings practising a hobby, socialising, or working out, but instead you find yourself stuck watching TV or scrolling absent-mindedly on your phone.

Maybe your period is due, or your menopause taunts you with hot flashes and mood swings. You want nothing more than to lock yourself away from your family, colleagues, and friends, lest they have to suffer your bad mood too. Every month the same uncontrollable symptoms return. Short fuse, temperamental, moody, and the worst part is you feel powerless to stop it.

Have you been experiencing such symptoms? Do they prevent you from living your best life?

No more – in 2024 you turn a new page!

You deserve to feel in control over your own body, to decide how you function.

Away with conventional, surface-level treatment – I will dig deep and help you determine the source of your symptoms, and treat them at their root.

Do you also want to:

  1. Feel more fit and healthy?
  2. Regain control over your hormonal cycle?
  3. Address digestive problems?
  4. Gain insight into the vitamins and minerals your body needs?
  5. Feel more energetic?
  6. Sleep better?
  7. Achieve a healthy weight?

It is more than possible! Together, we can tackle your symptoms at their source.

I administer the EMB-Blood test and make a personal plan tailored to you, so that you can go through life with more energy and fewer concerns.

Sounds good, right?



Do you want clarity over your body?

Schedule the EMB blood test to see the state of your own health!

Do not wait for the ‘right’ moment, Make one yourself!

Do you want insight into your body’s inner workings? To know how to address your symptoms?

Using an EMB blood test, you can access the source of your health concerns!

You are just a drop of blood away from your solution!

Do an EMB blood test, and determine the state of your health. For years, I have been personally administering these tests in my practice, but it is now also possible to do an EMB blood test remotely, with online consultations! Please read on to find out how.



I will explain jou exactly how to get a blood sample from your finger. It is possible to do this alone, but I find it easiest to have someone help you with this.

At TPSanté, a remote EMB blood test works as follows:

  1. You sign up for a blood test. I will then schedule a call with you, where we go through the intake form together.
  2. I send you the testing kit, which you use to collect a blood sample (as shown in the video above). You enter the code of the test tube you used, and send the package to the lab.
  3. After about three weeks, I will receive your test results and study them. We will then discuss the results remotely over a Whatsapp- or Zoom call.
  4. We work together to make an actionable plan you can follow to treat your health concerns at their source. After six weeks, we have another remote consultation.
  5. In this final consultation we assess how your personal plan is going, and whether any adjustments or follow-up consultations are necessary.
  6. Additionally, between consultations I will be available by text on Whatsapp to answer questions or clear up any confusion!
  7. Of course, you will also receive a digital copy of your lab results including my observations and suggestions that you can always consult.

When is it beneficial to conduct an EMB blood test?

  • You feel tired and a bit off, but can’t quite figure out why;
  • You suffer from various digestive issues;
  • You want to gain insight into your hormonal activity;
  • You want to know what vitamins and minerals your body is lacki


weer vitaal door het leven

Schedule the EMB blood test to see the state of your own health!